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Baigneuses Palace

Flame Robot

Flame Robot

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Description Iron-on stickers:

Simple and effective, create your own clothes with Baigneuses Palace designs in just a few minutes. Make them unique with the chic and vintage Palace Baigneuses Iron-on Patches.

Iron-on sticker to stick yourself with an iron in A4 format.

Measuring grid with 3.7cm squares. (Not present on the product)


  • Step 1 Cut out the pattern
  • Step 2 Peel off the pattern like a sticker
  • Step 3 Place the pattern on your fabric
  • Step 4 Cover with baking paper 
  • Step 5 Iron with cotton temperature iron

Admire the result…. That’s Palace!

A more complete instruction manual is provided in the packaging.

Find the Tutorials on the Youtube channel:

Expiry date 1 year, product to be stored at room temperature away from any heat source.


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Simple and efficient

Personalize your clothes in just a few minutes . Make them unique with Palace, Chic and Vintage Bather Iron- Ons. That’s Palace!

Create your own accessories

Let your creativity run wild by making your own personalized accessories to accompany your Palace Bathers clothing.

The Badge as a finishing touch

Complete your Baigneuses Palace wardrobe with our flagship accessory, the Badge .

The badges